10 Questions with Dr. Carol L. Cheatham

10 Questions with the Cheatham Lab


{ Dr. Carol L. Cheatham }

February 11, 2016


Today is the first ever International Day of Women in Science!

To celebrate, we are kicking off "10 Questions with the Cheatham Lab". Continue reading to get to know Dr. Cheatham a little better!


Where did you grow up?
Greybull, Wyoming, population ~1200 at the time (a whopping 1885 now)

What book did you read when you were younger that had the biggest impact on your life?
Nancy Drew series - being a scientist is like being a detective.

If you were to choose a completely different career path, what would it be?
Self-sufficient homesteader

Where is the best place to eat in the (ex. Kannapolis, Chapel Hill) area?
Hands down - my house

Where was the best place you have traveled so far?
Istanbul, Turkey

What is your favorite souvenir that you brought back on one of your trips?
Dr. CA painting of a religious figure done on 18K gold that I purchased at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a replica of one that hangs in the museum. (pictured is the souvenir)

Where haven’t you traveled that you would want to go?

What is your favorite food?

What book/movie/podcast are you currently hooked on?
I am working my way through the classics - currently, I am reading Hemingway.

Do you have any pets?
Two domestic tabby and two feral longhair cats.

EXTRA: Add one random fact about yourself, something that may surprise people.
High school bored me, so I dropped out.