Frequently Asked Questions

What does being in the participant pool mean?

The Cheatham Nutrition & Cognition Lab is always accepting families into our database.  Being a part of the Cheatham Lab database allows us to inform you of any study we have in the future that may be appropriate for your family.  It does NOT commit you to participation.  All information is confidential and is not shared with any other research lab.  

Help spread the word!  We need the support of the community to continue our research to learn more!


I wasn’t eligible for another study because I live in Salisbury, does this mean I’m not eligible for yours?

In general, the Cheatham Lab does not exclude participants based on their location. If you're willing to travel, we'll be here to greet you!


Do I have to travel to Chapel Hill?

The majority of our studies are based at the Cheatham Lab in Kannapolis, located at the North Carolina Research Campus. However, some studies may use Chapel Hill as an alternative site.


Why do you need my (or my child’s) birthday?

Some studies have age requirements, so we need to know how old you are as we go through time.