Interns Create “Sara Bellum” Kits for Local Elementary Schools

Interns Create “Sara Bellum” Kits for Local Elementary Schools


Hampton Smith

Last year for the NC Science Festival, the Cheatham Lab partnered with Kannapolis Parks and Recreation and the Kannapolis library to showcase children’s musician Roger Day’s newest CD, Why Does Gray Matter?  All of the songs were in some way related to the brain.  His song “Brain Food” even referenced the blueberries and omega-3s we study!  This year for the Science Festival, we wanted to partner with Roger Day again, but this time we wanted to expand on his messages.  Luckily, we currently have some extremely capable and motivated interns.





Katie Lenarcic (pictured L) and Alyssa Ferri (R)


Katie Lenarcic and Alyssa Ferri are graduate level interns with the Lab.  To utilize the talents and knowledge

these young women hold, we encouraged them to join forces. With the assistance of high school intern, Hampton Smith, they created “Sara Bellum Kits.”  The kits are a brain education curriculum that includes connections to the different Roger Day songs.  We hope the students will learn some interesting information about women in science and the brain as a result of this community service effort.


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