By Christa Turski

In May we released our brand-new redesigned website, www.cheathamlab.com, and newly designed logo. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably saw us posting #WhatsTheFork.

So, what is the fork?


Fork6It’s our logo! The logo, a combination of a fork and a neuron, represents “feeding the brain”.


Before introducing the logo, people thought it looked like anything except what it was – ideas ranged from a scrambled egg, a scorpion, and a hand! This led us to develop the #WhatsTheFork campaign. We wanted to introduce our new logo and get people talking about what we are doing. During the week leading up to the release of the website, the fork made its way around North Carolina. It visited the mountains outside of Boone and The Well at UNC-Chapel Hill. It was photographed with Dr. Pamela Cain, Superintendent of the Kannapolis City Schools; Ryan Dayvault, Kannapolis City Council member and Mayor Pro Tempore; Dr. Steve Zeisel, UNC NRI Director; and Roger Day, family and children musician

We are so thankful to everyone who had their photo taken with the logo, participated in our trivia, and asked us questions when they saw us carrying the large fork around town. In fact, it was a student at one of Roger Day’s concerts who correctly guessed what our logo is!


We invite you to take the time to check out our website and interact with us on social media. Everyone in the lab has spent time helping to develop content that we hope you all find interesting. Thanks again for the support and we look forward to having you participate in future studiesSZeisel